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Look for Liz Staley Studios Creations in Chambersburg, PA, this weekend!

This weekend is IceFest in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania! This annual celebration features ice sculptures, glass-blowing, an ice slide, and more. Held in Downtown Chambersburg, all the shops on Main Street get into the festivities. And The Foundry Artist Co-Op is no exception!

I’ve been a member of The Foundry for about two years now and it’s an amazing place! We have about 25 members, local artists of all ages, styles, and mediums. Jewelry, painting, fabric art, sculpture, wood-working, and more can be found at 100 South Main Street. And for IceFest we have a huge number of art activities that festival attendees can participate in, as well as the amazing selection in our store. 

You can find many of my designs in the shop, from originals to prints to magnets to scrunchies and key fobs, I have a wide range of items available. So if you’re going to be in Chambersburg, PA this weekend, stop by the shop and have a look around!

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