My 2015 Goal Plans

It’s 11 days in to 2015 and I feel like I have done more planning for what I want to accomplish than actually trying to accomplish things! But I guess taking the time to make a good plan helps with actually accomplishing those goals, huh? For 2015 I selected 6 areas of my life to
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Using Reference Layers in Manga Studio 5

Using Reference Layers in Manga Studio 5

This past week some on the Facebook “Webcomics Underdogs” group was asking about using Manga Studio 5 to do flat fills on their art. They got a lot of great advice, but no one had mentioned using reference layers and the bucket fill! So I made this video to show you how to quickly add
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Coloring in Manga Studio 5

This week I was asked to make a video about coloring in Manga Studio 5. This is just my method, and of course there’s a million ways to go about coloring. Hopefully some of the methods I use in this video will help you!

Using Materials for Repetitive Tasks

In this video I take a cracked pattern for a video screen and then show you how to save it as a material and use it over again on multiple panels across many pages. Using materials for tasks such as this helps with consistency in your story and saves you time!

Custom Speech Bubble Materials

This video will show you how to make a custom speech balloon in Manga Studio 5, and then save it as a Material that you can use over and over again in future projects.

Making Custom Page Templates

Posted on April 14, 2014, this tutorial video will show you how to make a custom page template in Manga Studio 5. I used the Kablam page template here, but you could use it for any paper or strip size! I go over Finish size, Default border, Canvas size, and how to set a material
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