Egyptian Mau Cat Print – 8×10 matted Cat Lover Art


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This print is of a gray Egyptian Mau cat with black stripe markings and brilliant yellow-green eyes. The background of this illustration is a map of Egypt, where the Mau cat comes from. This print is on a matte art paper that will look beautiful for many years to come, and comes with a white mat that will fit in any 11×14 standard frame.

Although the breed’s exact origins aren’t known, ancient Egyptian texts and paintings dating back to 1550 BC depict spotted cats worshipped by the Egyptians. The Mau is the only naturally spotted domestic cat breed, so it is likely a branch of the breed depicted in Egyptian art. This breed was recorded in Europe prior to World War II, but the war nearly wiped them out. The Mau is the fastest domestic cat breed and has been clocked at running speeds as high as 30mph! Learn more about the Mau at Wikipedia.

Perfect gift for the Egyptian Mau owner, or just someone who loves cats in general! Comes shipped in an eco-friendly plastic bag made in a sustainable way, and with a recycled chipboard backing. Frame NOT included. 

Looking for more cat art? Pair with our Turkish Angora print for a beautiful set!

Note that the watermark in the product image is not on the final print.


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