Egyptian Mau Cat Wooden Christmas Ornament


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Beautiful Egyptian Mau cat with large green eyes illustrated on a map of Egypt. Printed on high-quality paper and attached to a wooden ornament. The opposite side has the breed name and some information on it. Both sides have been sealed with a coat of clear resin to prevent peeling and chipping. Please take care when storing and displaying, as improper handling may result in fading or yellowing. Do not display in direct sunlight.

Historical evidence points to the Mau cat being an Egyptian breed. The feline genome data published in the Pentascope document shows the Egyptian Mau to be very closely related to the Maine Coon, Korat, and American Turkish Angoras (not distinguishable from native Turkish Angoras). The phylogenetic tree published in PlosOne demonstrates that the Egyptian Mau belongs to the group of Western-derived breeds. The East Mediterranean/Anatolian group is omitted because breeds that supposedly originate in that geographic area do not do so.

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