Marwari Horse Wooden Christmas Ornament


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Beautiful black Marwari horse in traditional tack, illustrated on a map of India, has been printed on high-quality paper and sealed to a wooden Christmas ornament. The design has been printed on high-quality paper and adorns the front of this ornament. The opposite side has the name of the breed and information about it. Both sides have been attached to the wooden ornament and sealed with a coat of clear resin to protect the designs. Please take care when displaying and storing your ornament, as improper care can cause fading and yellowing. Keep out of direct sunlight.

My name is Liz and I love to illustrate animals on vintage maps that depict where the animal breed comes from. I started this series with horses, and have recently branched out to dog breeds as well. I am now also drawing some of my favorite creatures from mythology and folklore on maps as well. Horses are still my number one art passion, though, and I love to use my art to teach about the breeds of horses and their history and impact on our world.

The Marwari is descended from native Indian ponies crossed with Arabian horses. The ponies were small and hardy, but with poor conformation; the influence of the Arabian blood improved the appearance without compromising the hardiness. The Arabians possibly came ashore from a cargo ship wrecked off India’s west coast. Legend in India states that the Arabian ship, containing seven Arabian horses of good breeding, was shipwrecked off the shore of the Kachchh District. These horses were then taken to the Marwar district and used as foundation bloodstock for the Marwari. Learn more about the Marwari horse on the blog!

To see the process video of the creation of my Marwari drawing, please see this blog post!


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