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10 Gift Ideas for Equestrians

Disclaimer: This post includes Amazon Affiliate Links. If you make a purchase from Amazon after clicking one of my links, I receive a small percentage of the sale. This does not cost you anything extra, and helps keep my small business afloat. 

I have not purchased every item on this list, so please read reviews and use your best judgment before making purchases.

So, I do have a list of my own suggestions, but putting together these gift idea lists can be really time-consuming, and today I have a shift at The Foundry plus right after that I’m going to Virginia to see the new Star Wars movie! My schedule is a little crazy today. So, I’m going to include my list, as well as a video from one of my favorite YouTube channels, The Budget Equestrian, as well! Her video shares gifts for equestrians that are all under $20, and some of what she suggests are things that are on the list I made! So, check out her video below, then under that check out my list as well!


Click a photo in the list below to view that item’s shop page!

Rechargeable Hand Warmer Power Bank



Balaclava Neck Warmer


101 Ways To Die With a Horse


Horse Backpack/Show Bag

Boss Mare Mug


Massage Set


A Rider’s Journal


Leather Care Kit

Horse Ornament

Travel Coffee Mug

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