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5 Facts about the Heihe Horse Breed

1. The Heihe Horse comes from the boundary between China and Russia.

This area is the Heilongjiang River Basin in Heihe City. The average temperature in this area is near 32F, with the lowest temperatures around -58F and the highest in summer at around 89F. The terrain of this area is hilly, with forest and tundra to the north. 

2. The breed comes from a mix of Mongolian and local stock.

Mongolian horses were brought to Heihe city on several occasions, introducing that stock to the local animals. In 1930, larger Russian animals were also introduced to the breed. It was late in the 1930’s where a stud farm was organized for the Heihe. This stud farm used a Russian strain of the Mongolian horse along with Anglo-Norman animals. Breeding practices were strict until 1955.

3. The Heihe breed can survive extreme temperatures.

Because of their adaptation to the cold, this breed can stay out overnight in -40F temperatures and not suffer any ill-effects.

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4. The Heihe horse is essential to life in the Heilongjiang River Basin.

Heihe horses are used for both agriculture and transportation in their area of origin. They are powerful horses with high endurance, perfect for pulling heavy loads. They are used for plowing and farm work. 

5. Heihe horses come in two types.

There is a lighter riding-draft type of Heihe and a more robust draft-riding type. Both types of Heihe are powerful and have high endurance. Heihe horses come in chestnut, gray, bay, and black colors and are willing and obedient.

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