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How I Clean my Grooming Brushes

Cleaning your horse grooming brushes is very important, but can be such a pain. Soaking, scrubbing, rinsing, drying- it’s not a chore I usually look forward to! However, my best friend and I recently started making brush-cleaning fizzy bombs that contain natural ingredients that don’t leave residue and make the process a lot easier! It’s almost fun now to clean my brushes! Below is a video of me cleaning my grooming gear with one of my favorite scents of our brush fizzies. Watch the video below!

 Cleaning your brushes regularly can extend the life of the brush, and let’s face it, horse stuff is expensive and we need to make what we do have last as long as possible. A clean brush also cuts down the time you spend on grooming, because you’re not depositing dirt from the brush bristles back onto the horse. Also, certain skin conditions can be spread by dirty brushes, so you need to clean them to prevent that (especially if you’re sharing brushes between horses, which is not an ideal situation, but I understand that sometimes you don’t have a set of brushes for each horse and have to use communal brushes).

Want your own set of brush fizzies? You can order from the Equisthetics web-site here! 

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