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Liz Staley Studios Helping Horses in Bushfire Threatened Areas!

I’ve been seeing the devastating news and photos from the horrible bushfires in Australia and was wishing I could help when it occurred to me last night that there IS a way I can help! For the month of January, a portion of the sale of any of my Brumby design items (prints, ornaments, etc) and the sale of my Equine March 2019 PDF will go to benefit the RSPCA New South Wales Bushfire Appeal to help pets and livestock in threatened and affected areas. I’m so excited about this that I could barely sleep last night so I decided to make this blog post with links to all the places you can purchase my Brumby items and help horses who are caught in this horrible event!

How You Can Help

Purchase any of the items linked below and I will make a donation of a portion of the proceeds to the RSPCA New South Wales Bushfire Appeal to help animals in threatened areas. Items here on will have a slightly higher amount of the proceeds donated, as I do not have to pay fees to list my items, but merchandise in my Etsy shop is also eligible for a donation!

Matted 8×10 Brumby Print (

Handmade Wooden Brumby Ornament (

Equine March 2019 PDF Instant Download

Brumby Original Drawing (Etsy)

Matted 8×10 Brumby Print (Etsy)

Brumby 11oz Ceramic Mug (Etsy)

And, of course, you can also make a donation directly to the RSPCA New South Wales Bushfire Appeal to directly help animals in need! 

Photo from BBC
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